Missouri duck boat accident leaves 17 dead, including 9 family members

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Missouri duck boat captain told passengers not to don life jackets: survivor

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Family Is Devastated as Nine Relatives Are Among 17 People Killed in Missouri Duck Boat Accident

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Missouri Duck Boat Accident Kills 17, Including 9 From Same Family

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Nine US 'duck boat' victims from the same family - governor

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Hundreds at vigils mourn victims of Branson boat accident

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Duck boat design flagged years ago after fatal accident in Arkansas

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Death toll from Missouri duck boat accident climbs to 17

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A look back at past deadly duck tour incidents

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How the Missouri duck boat capsize unfolded amid weather warnings

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Thunderstorm Sinks Duck Boat, Killing 17

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"It shouldn't have been in the water," says owner of company involved in deadly boat sinking

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