Zuma's exit lifts South African stocks

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New South Africa Leader Faces Old Question: Is There Will to Fight Corruption?

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South African president pledges to "turn tide" on corruption

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South Africa's Ramaphosa Hails 'New Dawn', Warns of Tough Decisions

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Cyril Ramaphosa sworn in as South Africa's president

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NOTES FROM THE HOUSE: What We Expect From A President

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Jacob Zuma's demise is bad news for South Africa's opposition parties

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Op-Ed: Lightning does strike twice – just ask our frazzled former president

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South African democracy survives the sordid presidency of Jacob Zuma

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South Africa: Ramaphosa invokes Mandela in first major speech

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Op-Ed: As we ponder the State of the Nation, what do we need to address?

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South Africa Elects Cyril Ramaphosa As Its New President

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Ramaphosa Steps In, Delivers State of the Nation Address Friday

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Jacob Zuma resigns as South Africa's president, ending standoff with ruling party

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